Plastic surgeons, plastic files: Here’s what to know about the files that are changing our lives

Plastic surgeons and plastic files are changing the way we get our health care and our money.They’re also changing the lives of people who rely on them.The files are available to anyone, even when they’re insured, because they’re a payment […]

Why the plastic playsets for Lego’s latest line of toys aren’t so cute anymore?

Plastic playsets used to be cute.Now, they’re everywhere.As part of a broader trend towards more environmentally friendly toys, Lego has switched from plastic to a more sustainable material called Polypropylene (PP).Its line of Lego toys are now made from PP.The […]

Plastic straws: the ‘sickening’ alternative to plastic bags?

Plastic straw recycling is on the rise.More than 1.5 million tonnes of plastic straws were recovered from Australian waterways in the year to June 2017, with almost half of the total being discarded in plastic bags.However, many of the recycled […]

Why are plastic drawERS targeted by celebrities?

Plastic drawers are a huge hit in the beauty industry.According to a new report, celebrities and their friends spend $100 million a year on these items.The report by beauty brand The Beauty Blog says the average beauty blogger spends $50 […]

How to stop plastic from spilling into your cup and bowl

Plastic is a big problem in our society.It has become an industry, with many people using plastic bags, plastic bottles and plastic bags to keep their belongings clean and sanitary.But as with any other plastic item, the bigger it gets, […]