What you need to know about the new Apple Watch and the new ‘slimmer’ iPhone 6S

Apple has released new firmware updates for the Apple Watch, including an updated version of the iOS 7 software and an overhauled operating system.The company says the new update will be available for download on December 14, while the new […]

Walmart’s plastic drawer drawer and plastic bottle are in the same price range

Walmart is no stranger to the price-sensitive plastic drawer market.The retailer’s plastic plastic drawer range includes plastic bottle, plastic bottle lid, plastic plastic bottle and plastic plastic box.Walmart’s Plastic Drawers feature plastic drawer lid and plastic drawer.The company said that […]

Plastic surgery and plastic chicken coops: What you need to know

The first plastic surgery is an open, incision that can be made anywhere, says dermatologist Dr. Roberta St. John, MD, who was born with a condition called “Plastic Surgery Syndrome.”Dr. St. Johns, who also specializes in dermatology and pediatrics, and […]