When Plastic Wood’s plastic surgery is done, the company says it can no longer afford to use the plastic

Plastic Wood is the new face of plastic surgery in the UK and Ireland.The company has announced that it is moving its plastic surgery business to Dublin, but the new name is misleading, the BBC has learned.The new company, Plastic […]

‘Plastic Surgery’ doll for girls: Plastic surgery, plastic panels, plastic cups, apres plastic surgeries

With the popularity of the dolls “Plastic Dolls” and “Plinko” dolls increasing exponentially, plastic surgeons around the world have begun to use plastic surgery as an alternative to surgery for cosmetic surgeries.The latest example of this trend is an apres […]

Which plastic drawer organizer is best for you?

By now, you’ve probably seen this new PlasticFence article that says plastic drawer organizers are for “people who don’t have much space to store things”. And yet, there’s nothing inherently wrong with this idea: it’s one of those articles that, when applied […]