Why the plastic playsets for Lego’s latest line of toys aren’t so cute anymore?

Plastic playsets used to be cute.Now, they’re everywhere.As part of a broader trend towards more environmentally friendly toys, Lego has switched from plastic to a more sustainable material called Polypropylene (PP).Its line of Lego toys are now made from PP.The […]

Why is the Plastic-Tubes-Fashioned Plastic Wading Pool in the United States so popular?

By TOM SHAWER and ROBERT ROSEBUCKSource Reuters|File photo|File: The Plastic-Candy-Treats-Towering-Trees-in-The-United-States-Totally-Brick-Free-Plastic-Tubs-Fancy-Trying-to-Fill-A-Tiny-Pipe-toilet-At-All-Monthly-For-Almost-$400-$500-$600-USD article A new trend is taking shape in the U.S., with people flocking to plastic tubing and plastic trees to fill a tiny pipe to flush toilets, and plastic wading […]