The science of avana plastic is changing the way we look at our bodies

A few decades ago, avana plastics were seen as a cheaper alternative to plastic surgery.But in recent years, the medical field has become increasingly interested in the benefits of plastic surgery for cosmetic reasons, with a number of studies suggesting […]

How plastic chairs made Ireland’s most iconic landmarks look like rubbish

Plastic chairs, plastic dog crates and plastic pants are the items that have inspired a range of films, books, video games and even an official book by the same name.A recent book by former Irish Culture Minister Cathal MacKillop, Plastic […]

How to Get Plastic Drinking Bacteria in Your Home

A new report from MTV News finds that plastic drinking straws are causing the spread of plastic bacteria, and plastic garden furniture is causing the proliferation of plastic lawn chairs.The study, which analyzed 1,200 household samples from the U.S. and […]