Why are plastic drawERS targeted by celebrities?

Plastic drawers are a huge hit in the beauty industry.

According to a new report, celebrities and their friends spend $100 million a year on these items.

The report by beauty brand The Beauty Blog says the average beauty blogger spends $50 per month on these products, and that celebrities spend an average of $4.2 million a month on them.

However, a few brands are targeting the plastic drawer market, and have started making their own plastic drawer accessories.

One of them is The Beauty Box, a collection of beauty-themed drawers designed by British designer Sarah Bogle.

The Beauty Box is available for sale in India, Malaysia, the US, Canada and Europe, and it has already launched in the US.

Bogle is no stranger to the beauty world, having been a top-ranked beauty blogger in the UK and UK’s The Times Beauty Awards for a decade.

The Beauty Bookshelf has been sold in more than 10 countries.BETA PRODUCTS The Beauty Bag: A plastic bag made of polypropylene and polystyrene with two sides to hold a plastic bottle, and a zipper to keep the bag openSource: The BeautyBlog, Sarah Boley