What you need to know about the new Apple Watch and the new ‘slimmer’ iPhone 6S

Apple has released new firmware updates for the Apple Watch, including an updated version of the iOS 7 software and an overhauled operating system.

The company says the new update will be available for download on December 14, while the new iPhone 6s model is slated to be available on December 21.

We’ve covered a lot of new features, but one of the most exciting changes for the new iOS 7 OS is the introduction of an improved version of Apple’s Apple Watch OS.

In its place, Apple has added a few new features.

Here are the biggest changes to iOS 7.1:You can now set alarms, timers, timers with the swipe of a finger and also share your watch’s location using the new “Location” button on the lock screen.

For example, you can share your location with your friends by swiping left to the left of the location button.

This is particularly useful if you have an Apple Watch Sport or Sport+ watch and you want to share your workouts with your family and friends.

Other improvements include a new “Settings” app in the Settings app that will allow you to change your watch face, the watch’s color, and the orientation of the watch.

Additionally, you will be able to see the latest Apple Watch Activity Graphs in the watch face settings.

Other new features include a redesigned “Health” section of the “My Fitness” section in the Watch app.

The new Health section displays all the data about your health, such as your heart rate, blood pressure, and sleep, along with data about how many calories you burned, how much sleep you got, and how long you slept.

This new section can be found under the “Activity” section.

You can also change the app’s default background color.

You can choose from several different colors, such to a white background, red, blue, yellow, or green.

You also can change the color of the text you see when viewing the watch, which can be set to red, yellow or blue.

You’ll be able view notifications from the Watch and other apps, like Facebook and Twitter, and use them to send notifications.

These notifications will show up in the “Notifications” section on the Apple watch app.