Plastic fencing panels in plastic fence ‘to save lives’

Plastic fencing panel panels in a plastic fence in the Philippines are to save lives, according to a new report by Fox News.

The panels, manufactured by the Philippines company Enermax, were first installed in a makeshift fence near the border with the Philippines in 2013, according the report.

The first panel was placed on the border fence in January 2016 and the other two panels are scheduled to be installed later this year, according EnerMax.

The company’s CEO said in the report that the panels will be used in a new “safety net” for border workers.

The government has said it wants to create a “global plastic fence,” with more than 1 million miles of fencing between the two countries.

EnerMAX said it’s been developing the panels for about a year and has a “preliminary plan” for a total of 3,000 panels.

“We want to save the lives of our citizens, especially when they are in danger, said Enermina’s President and CEO, Fernando Razon.

The project was approved by the government in September.

The Philippines’ border with China has been plagued by a number of border incidents, with at least 13 people dying.

China claims sovereignty over the area and has vowed to protect the region against any aggression.