How to make a plastic ball with plastic, and what it’s made of

We’re a little late to the party when it comes to the plastic ball craze, but we’re certainly getting closer.

Now we have a new toy to take up the challenge.

Plastic balls are being used to play with for years in the UK and Europe, and now, they’re becoming a thing of the past in Australia.

Plastic ball manufacturer Bally are making a comeback with a new ball that’s made from 100% polyester.

It’s called a Ball, and the company has just launched it in the US and Australia.

And it looks pretty cute too.

A ball with a plastic handle and a polyester ball inside it, you can see.

It’s like a mini-toy, but a lot more fun.

It comes with two balls in a plastic casing, which you can put your favourite colours in, as well as a matching coloured plastic ball holder, which is also in a polymer casing.

The Ball is available in two colours, blue and red, which are designed to be a great match for your favourite sports ball, and also with a matching colour ball holder.

It also comes with a rubber foot, which doubles as a grip.

And of course, you’ll find a soft plastic lining inside the casing, where you can stick your favourite ball in.

We like the look of the Ball, which we think is a great design choice for a ball that you can use in almost any sport.

The Ball has a rubber sole, which seems like a nice touch.

The rubber sole acts as a cushion, and is great for the Ball when you’re using it in a tight space.

And, like a lot of sports balls, it’s constructed from 100 per cent polyester, meaning it has a very low impact to the environment.

The ball itself has a soft touch and is made from a soft and lightweight material that is designed to last.

And what about the price?

Well, the Ball is $59.99 on Bally’s website, and will cost you $50.99 at their retail stores.

That’s a lot cheaper than the original ball, which cost $109.99 when it was released in 2015.

The Australian retail price is set to go up to $59 by the end of 2017.