‘Bizarre’ plastic waste has been found in rubbish bags at rubbish dump in Japan

Plastic waste has reportedly been found inside bags of rubbish at a recycling company in Japan, as the country gears up for its 2020 Olympics.

The company was unable to confirm whether the waste had come from the Games or from the landfill it is based in.

The rubbish, reportedly containing the plastic parts of food containers and plastic cups, was found at the facility, which is part of the company’s plastic recycling business.

It is not the first time that waste from Japan has been spotted in rubbish bins, and it is not clear if the plastic from the bags contained the plastics that are commonly found in the country.

In February, a Japanese court ruled that the country should have made clear that it would not allow the recycling industry to sell waste from the 2020 Olympics to be disposed of at landfill.

The ruling came after a series of accidents and spills at Japanese Olympic venues, and sparked a backlash from environmental groups.