Plastic clips can be used to cut plastic bottles

The NHL says it is working on a technology that can cut plastic clips, bottles and even other items that don’t meet safety requirements, including plastic bags and foam mats.

The league said in a release on Thursday that it is testing the technology and that it expects to release a commercial later this year that would show it in action.

The company is also working on developing a product for the NFL that would make cutting plastic bags more convenient.

The NFL has said it is considering whether to introduce a new rule requiring plastic baggers to wear face masks.

That proposal has also been met with skepticism from some experts who believe it would put at risk the health and safety of players.

The NHL said it has already had some success cutting bags with plastic clips from plastic bags.

The video above is a short demonstration of the clips being used in cutting plastic bottles and other items, including bottles of shampoo, foam mats and plastic bags, said Marc Kastel, a product development manager at the NHL.

The company also said that its new clips are not made of a plastic material, but a polyurethane foam.

Polyurethanes are used in a wide variety of consumer products, including water bottles and shower curtains.

The clip technology, which is not yet in the NHL’s testing phase, could make it easier for teams to reduce the number of plastic items that get thrown into the net during a game, said Chris Chilcott, a sports medicine expert at Boston University.

“You’re not going to be able to cut bags, bags are so large, and it’s hard to see them,” Chilcpoto said.

“The more you can cut them, the more you reduce the risk of injury.”

Kastel said that the NHL is also developing a protective mesh bag that could be used in cases where a player cuts his own head.

The mesh bag is designed to help players stay on their feet in a head-on collision.

The new clips could also be used for cutting other plastic items, Kasten said, including paper towels, shampoo bottles and foam pads.

The team said it does not plan to make any announcements about the new technology until later this month.

The NFL said it plans to make a public announcement in December.

The technology is still in a testing phase.

The NHL said that if the technology proves successful, it could be rolled out to the league’s other teams in the next few months.

The release of the clip technology comes as the NHL prepares to expand the use of head-mounted cameras to keep track of the hits that players make during games.

The cameras are used by all teams to track the hits of players on the ice and monitor whether they are injured.

The move by the NHL comes as teams around the league have adopted the use head-up displays, or HUDS, which give fans a visual view of the play on the scoreboard.

The technology is similar to what the NHL uses, but instead of showing players a detailed play, the HUDPers show them an animation of the puck entering the net.

The devices have been shown to work well in the past, but they have only been available in a limited number of sports.

Last year, the league also launched the NHL Visionary HUHD camera, which can record video of a player’s helmet, body, head and shoulders during a hockey game.