How to save money with plastic storage shelves

Plastic storage shelves can save you money, too, according to research from Google News.

The search giant found that plastic storage in the US cost the average family $1,085 a year, which is well above the national average of $914 a year.

Plastic shelves, which cost less than $1 a month, could save $8,000 per year, according Google News, which also cited a study by the Institute for Energy Research.

A plastic shelf that measures 2.5 feet (0.85 meters) high and weighs 30 pounds (16 kg) could cost you $30 to $40 a year if you own a home.

You can also get a storage shelf for $60 to $90.

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Plastic storage can be useful for smaller spaces and smaller homes as well, as well as for people who live alone, or who need to store their stuff in a closet.

You might also consider making your home more environmentally friendly by installing a heated storage unit, or by adding a shelf.