5.7 million plastic plastic drawer coverings to be sold to end consumers

More than 5.8 million plastic drawers will be sold in the US by the end of this year, a new report by Goldman Sachs says.

The report, published Monday, said the trend will continue in the coming months, with sales expected to increase to 6.7 billion by 2020.

The firm’s chief U.S. analyst said the drawers are expected to account for a fifth of the overall plastic drawer volume.

That is nearly the size of the plastic containers that hold food and other items, such as toilet paper.

The market is expected to grow in line with a growing demand for smaller, more environmentally friendly plastic products.

In the U.K., which has already seen its plastic drawer market soar, the report found a market for plastic drawer covers that is expected continue to expand in the future.

In a separate report Monday, the firm estimated that the global plastic drawer industry will reach $7.7 trillion by 2021.