Plastic surgery surgery to get you out of a life of crime

A plastic surgeon in Florida has created a device that will allow you to wear an earpiece or earbuds for up to five days at a time.

Dr. Daniel Lee was able to design the device using a custom-made circuit board with sensors that monitor the wearer’s heart rate, breathing, breathing rate and even the color of their skin.

Lee said the device will be used to allow people to live a normal life without having to go through surgery or having to get medical attention.

Lee told ABC News that the new device could potentially reduce crime rates by as much as 20 percent.

The medical device is made of titanium, which is a non-toxic material that is extremely light and thin.

It can be attached to any ear, including the innermost part of a pair of glasses.

The earpieces can be worn on the ear, ear, nose or mouth.

Lee said the devices could be worn while you watch television or while you are asleep.

Lee added that he is now working with other doctors and hospitals to find out if they have the same technology that he has developed.