Plastic surgeons perform plastic surgery on newborns

Plastic surgeons in Florida performed surgery on babies and newborns at an emergency room in a bid to prevent them from developing a skin cancer, according to state health officials.

The procedures were performed on about 20 infants at the Orlando Regional Medical Center, and officials say they’re the first in the state.

It’s unclear if any babies contracted the disease.

The state Department of Health and Human Services says the emergency room at the center has more than 400 beds, which were closed Monday to allow more staff to perform the surgeries.

In the meantime, officials say those who have received the surgery will be given a clean bill of health.

Plastic surgeons at the emergency rooms of several other hospitals across Florida have been working to save lives by performing surgery on children, according, ABC News.

In January, the state of Florida suspended all plastic surgery for newborns, citing the threat of plastic-related skin cancer.

The ban, which was imposed in response to a report of a baby dying from an unknown illness, was later lifted, but it’s still not clear if there’s a connection between the infant’s death and the plastic surgeries.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.