How to recycle plastic from your own kitchen

Plastic bags are a staple of everyday life, but it’s possible to make them more sustainable with a plastic glove.

The Guardian reports that a group of engineers at the University of Oxford have developed a new type of plastic glove, which uses a flexible polymer membrane to hold the plastic in place.

It’s made of polypropylene, a material that’s extremely stretchy and can stretch to over 10cm.

The polymer membrane was created by melting together the polymer components of a gel, and then wrapping the gel in a flexible film to form a glove.

It has a temperature range of 100C to 400F (30C to 60C), which means it can be worn for up to three hours.

The glove is said to be extremely flexible, and it’s said to work well for wearing gloves, and even for washing dishes and other items in a washing machine.

It should last for up