Gorillaz’ Plastic Beach Is Just as Real as You Think

Plastic Beach, the Gorillax band that made our childhood dreams come true, has a new album and a video, which have gone viral on YouTube.

Plastic Beach’s first single, “Plastic Beach”, was released this week.

Plastic is a natural product that is extremely strong and flexible.

It can be used to make almost any shape or shape in plastic, and can be molded into anything from plastic sheets to glass.

Plastic beach is not only beautiful, but also very, very strong and durable. 

A plastic beach is an area of the ocean that is used for sand and sand dunes, and there are various forms of plastic beaches. 

The album’s lyrics are about the importance of keeping the world beautiful.

“The world’s plastic beach/ I wanna protect it, but I don’t know how to do it/ I feel powerless to stop/ I don