Which plastic surgery firms can you trust?

The most common plastic surgery procedures are being performed in Australia, but what you need to know to be safe is often hard to spot.

You may not know the names of the companies that offer these procedures, so it’s important to take the time to read through their websites and understand how they make their money.

Here are the top 10 plastic surgery companies in Australia.1. 

Elite Plastic Surgery, Inc.2. 

Surgical Surgeons, Inc3. 

Surgery Institute of North America, Inc4. 

Cernera Plastic Surgery Ltd5. 

Stemology and Reconstruction Group Inc6. 

Plastic Surgery Group, Inc7. 

Nanoparticles Corp8. 

Bio-Molecular Corp9. 

Gut and Skin Care Corporation10. 

J&R Plastic Surgery Group11. 

Biosystems, Inc12. 

Biotech Bio-Tec Corporation13. 

Kraut &Coffee Corp14. 

Fashion Plastic Surgery Inc15. 

Pharmaceutical Plastic Surgery Company16. 

Opti-Surgical Inc17. 

Palladia Plastic Surgery 18. 

Clinical Research and Diagnostics, Inc19. 

Acrylic Plastic Surgery Technologies, Inc20. 

Daniels Plastic Surgery Technology, Inc21. 

Zag Plastic Surgery Services22. 

Hospitals Australia Inc23. 

Cosmetics Cosmetic Products, Inc24. 

Radiological Plastic SurgeryServices, Inc25. 

Wisely Inc26. 

Liposuction Inc27. 

Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Associates, Inc28. 

Vascular Surgery Inc29. 

Medical Plastic Surgery Service, Inc30. 

Dr. David S. Kranz, MD31. 

Trillium Inc32. 

Tubilized Skin Removal Technologies, LLC33. 

Moleskin Inc34. 

Translucent Plastic Surgery35. 

Skin Tissue Engineering, Inc36. 

Reusable Plastic Surgery Tools37. 

Microbeads, Plastics, and Related Products38. 

Conventional Plastic Surgery39. 

Neural Plastic Surgery40. 

Ophthalmic Plastic Surgery41. 

Endocrine Surgery42. 

Bone Surgery43. 

Ultrasound and Electromagnetic Imaging44. 

Electrical and Electronics Engineering45. 

Environmental Science and Engineering46. 

Chemical Engineering47. 

Instrumental Physics, Engineering, and Electronics48. 

Computer Engineering49. 

Computing Engineering50. 

Software Engineering51. 

Agile Development, Testing, and Design52. 

Systems Engineering53. 

Automotive Engineering54. 

Information Technology55. 

Manufacturing and Design56. 

Health and Medical Equipment Manufacturing57. 

Medicine and Dentistry58. 

E-Commerce and Retail59. 

Data Processing and Visualization60. 

Education and Training61. 


Sports and Recreation63. 

Digital Media64. 

Retail Services65. 

Technology, Information, and Games66. 

Media Arts and Sciences67. 

Social Media Technology68. 

Online Entertainment69. 

Virtual and Virtual Reality70. 

Apparel and Home Improvement71. 

Travel and Tourism72. 

Film and Video73. 

Radio Broadcasting74. 

Television Advertising75. 

Book Publishing76. 

Books and Periodicals77. 

Music Publishing78. 

DVD and Audio Video Production79. 

Video Game Development 80. 

Textiles, Clothing, and Footwear81. 

Construction Management 82. 

Architecture and Landscape Design83. 

Energy and Resource Economics84. 

Earth Sciences85. 

Economics and Engineering86. 

Business Operations87. 

Financial Accounting88. 

Geography and Geophysics89. 

Industrial and Financial Economics90. 

Human Resource Management91. 


Product Marketing93. 

Management Information Systems94. 

Organizational Behavior and Ethics95. 

Property and Environmental Compliance96. 

Properties and Property Management97. 

Science and Engineering Technology98. 

Research and Development99. 

Programs and Programs100. 

Legal Information