Which NFL player is best for your collection?

With each week’s NFL games beginning on Sunday, it’s time to think about the best football player on your team.

Here are our top 10 players to consider.


Dez Bryant, WR, Dallas Cowboys 2.

Michael Crabtree, RB, Oakland Raiders 3.

Brandon Marshall, WR/KR, New York Giants 4.

Jordy Nelson, WR (WR-WR1), Green Bay Packers 5.

DeAndre Hopkins, WR-WR2, Houston Texans 6.

Antonio Brown, WR2, Cincinnati Bengals 7.

A.J. Green, WR3, Cleveland Browns 8.

Odell Beckham Jr., WR4, New England Patriots 9.

LeSean McCoy, RB (RB1), Buffalo Bills 10.

Allen Robinson, WR5, Atlanta Falcons