‘We’re going to get better’: The Seahawks’ new coach, new coaching staff and new QB

By Brian Bahr/AP Seattle Seahawks coach Pete Carroll says he has a new, more efficient system for building his team, but he acknowledges the challenges of replacing the same players he’s had in place for two seasons.

Carroll, who was named the NFL’s executive vice president of football operations last week, says he expects the Seahawks to be in the playoffs by Week 9.

But the Seahawks’ defense has struggled in the past three weeks.

The team’s defense ranked dead last in the league in scoring defense in 2016, allowing 17.2 points per game.

Carroll says the defense is playing better now, and the team will be in better shape in the off-season than last year, when the defense ranked 23rd in the NFL in points allowed per game (14.2).

“I think we have the right people around us, and we’re going through the right process with the right guys,” Carroll said on The Rich Eisen Show.

“I feel like we’re playing better.

And it’s just about the process.

I think you’ve got to do the right things and be able to execute and not just do the things that you feel comfortable doing.”

Carroll says some of the changes he’s made in the offseason were aimed at improving the defense.

The Seahawks drafted two players in the first round of the 2016 draft — safety Kam Chancellor and linebacker K.J. Wright — in hopes of finding a solution to the defense’s porous pass defense.

But they were not successful.

Carroll was also among the first to make the switch to a hybrid attack, running the ball in two-back sets and passing the ball to tight ends and wide receivers.

But with that switch, the Seahawks struggled to run the ball.

“It’s not just about just one guy, it’s about the whole package,” Carroll told the Seattle Times.

“So I think when we started to take a look at it and really see what we were doing with the running game, the passing game, we realized we had to start to put a lot more pieces together to be able have a really good offense and be a really tough defense.”

Carroll also says he’s going to try to take advantage of the new coaches at the position.

“We’ve had some coaches here, some of our players have been here for two or three years,” Carroll says.

“They’re going in, they’re going over, and they’re trying to get their feet wet.

We’re going for it, and I’m just going to let them do their thing.”

Carroll has made a point of saying he will not make any decisions until after the season.