NFL to ban plastic bowls on football fields by 2021

The NFL is expected to adopt a ban on plastic bowls at football fields in 2020, according to an article in ESPN’s Monday Morning Quarterback.

The NFLPA said Thursday that it will be joining the call for the league to take action.

“The NFL is in the midst of a crisis of toxic plastic in our league and the country, and the league needs to act immediately to address the threat to the health of our players and fans,” NFLPA Executive Director DeMaurice Smith said in a statement.

“While we believe that banning plastic bowls is a wise policy, we believe it must be done with a long-term strategy in place to address and mitigate the effects of these plastic hazards.”

The NFL has been working on its plan to tackle the issue for years, but has been bogged down by lawsuits, a lack of funding and the fact that it is now dealing with the issue as a collective.

The league recently signed a $25 million grant to help develop new technology that would be able to identify plastic and other contaminants in footballs.

In April, the league announced that it was creating a team to work on the issue, but didn’t specify a time frame for its implementation.

It also said it is considering a number of other ideas for how to address this issue.