When Plastic Wood’s plastic surgery is done, the company says it can no longer afford to use the plastic

Plastic Wood is the new face of plastic surgery in the UK and Ireland.

The company has announced that it is moving its plastic surgery business to Dublin, but the new name is misleading, the BBC has learned.

The new company, Plastic Wood, is a company based in Belfast, Ireland.

Plastic Wood was founded by John Whelan, who worked at the US-based Plastic Surgery Institute of America.

Whelans co-founder, Mike Tulloch, told the BBC that the company would be opening its doors to its clients in Ireland, and he hoped to open a branch in Ireland by next year.

He said: The new name Plastic Wood does not reflect Plastic Wood being in the business in Ireland.

We’re in Belfast now, we’re hoping to open in Dublin and we’re going to open our offices in the first quarter of next year as well.

When Plastic Wood went into business last year, the business was struggling to find a way to get plastic surgery done in Ireland without paying exorbitant prices.

A report by Plastic Wood found that it had to spend €2,500 on plastic surgery and the cost of the operation ranged from €20,000 to €80,000.

Plastic surgeons were required to be residents in the city, and a number of staff were also required to live in the area.

Plastic wood said it was unable to find any staff willing to work at the new company and the company was forced to sell its plastic work equipment to pay for the staff.

The Belfast firm has also been criticised for not following proper procedures.

In a statement to the BBC, the firm said: Our customers have consistently told us that they are satisfied with the way we operate, and that they feel confident in the quality of our work.

The Irish Government has already been very supportive and encouraged us to open up our new facility in Belfast.

Plastic Woods spokesman, John Whetstone, told us the company had been told by its Irish clientele that the move would mean it would have to pay an exorbitantly high amount of money to get its work done.

He added that the new Irish company had a higher-than-average turnover and that there were concerns that the business would not be able to stay in Ireland if it moved its operations.

The news of the move has not gone down well with Plastic Wood customers.

They say that the firm’s new name does not make them feel welcome and that the quality has not improved.

They also say that they will not be using plastic wood for their work and that their patients are not happy with the new names of the two new plastic wood operations.

‘Failing’ to pay up Plastic Wood has not paid its bills since it was founded.

It has not been able to pay bills since January 2016, according to accounts in the Companies House.

It said that it was forced into administration in March this year.

The business was forced out of operation by the Irish Government after failing to pay its bills.

The BBC has obtained documents which show that the Irish government had to force Plastic Wood to pay €30,000 in compensation to its customers after they complained about the company’s plastic work practices.

Plasticwood’s new head of operations, Tom O’Connor, told BBC News that the payments were “failing”, adding that it would be impossible for him to find someone else who would work at Plastic Wood.

‘Bogus’ name Plastic Woods name, a combination of Plastic Wood and Wood, has been used in the past to describe other Irish plastic surgery businesses.

However, this was a company which was not owned by Plastic Woods and was being run by another company.

Mr Whetstones company had to buy out the company, and it will be using the new brand name PlasticWood, which is being branded as PlasticWood and which is owned by a company called Plastic Wood Ireland.

Mr Tullocks new company has been working with the company that is owned and operated by PlasticWood.

Mr O’Connors company is a separate company, which it says has its own management and legal team.

The companies offices in Belfast are owned by Mr Whelen and his wife, the latter of whom has a background in finance and investment.

PlasticWood Ireland said it did not have an answer to the allegations of falsified documents.