Plastic martyrs: Plastic pot boyz on the rise

Plastic pot boys are now popular.

As well as pottery and pots, plastic tumbling dolls are becoming a common sight at sporting events.

And while the trend is certainly not as prevalent as it once was, there are still some plastic martyrs who are still doing their bit to keep up with the trend. 


Plastic cup boy Zee:  Zee is a plastic tumbles doll made in Australia by Australian manufacturer Littles. 

 The dolls are made in three sizes, ranging from 0.25cm to 1cm. 

Each doll comes with a removable plastic tray, and they can also be used as a stand. 

In the past, Zee’s face would pop up from the plastic tray and make noises when you looked at it. 

But this time around, her face has been covered up, so you won’t see her doing that anymore. 


Plastic cups boyz:  This one is a little different to the ones above.

It comes with two versions, the bigger version, with a cup-shaped face, and the smaller one, with the same face but a cup instead of a face. 

It’s probably not a bad idea to buy the smaller version. 


Plastic table covers Boyz: This one is made by Dutch company, Littels.

They also have a line of table covers, but this one has the most plastic tumbled dolls on the market. 

There are two sizes: the smaller ones are around 1cm and the bigger ones are 1.5cm.

You can also buy the larger versions. 


Plastic tumbler boyz Girl: Girl is another plastic tumble doll made by a UK company called MellowMug. 

The tumbers are made of a mixture of plastic, foam, and metal, and are very popular with children. 


Plastic bucket Boyz Girl and boy: These two are made by the same company, and also sell plastic tugs. 

They come in sizes ranging from 2cm to 6cm, and have a round face that looks like a bucket. 


Plastic candle girl Zee Boy: Zee Boy is a girl version of the ceramic tumblings doll, and is the smallest version.

She’s about 0.5 cm long and 0.6 cm tall. 


Plastic tin boy Zie Girl:  This is a tin boy that is 0.8cm long and about 0